Client Resources

Umbrella Insurance/Excess Liability

Sufficient liability protection is afforded to you through an umbrella policy, often referred to as excess liability. In the litigious environment we deal with today be sure you have coverage in case of emergency.

Protect Your Home During Renovation or Construction

If you plan to renovate your home or build a new one, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your home from harm and keep your assets safe. Learn what you need to know before you start work.

Preparing Your Home for Winter

In northern or mountain regions, ice, snow, and wind can damage your home. Find out the proper ways to protect your home so you can live comfortably and confidently all winter.

NY Workers Compensation for Domestic Staff

If you employ domestic staff – including a nanny, au pair, nurse, home health aid, housekeeper, gardener, caretaker, or chauffeur – you may need to provide Workers Compensation insurance.

Purchasing Condominium & Co-op Insurance

When you own a condominium or co-op, your insurance differs slightly from regular homeowner’s coverage. Learn what you need to know about adding or altering coverage for your dwelling interior, the personal property you keep there, and your personal liability.

Insurance Score vs. Credit Score

Your insurance score is not the same as your credit score, but is just as important to your financial well-being. Learn how insurance companies develop and use your insurance score, and what personal information they include.

Picking up a New Car Over the Weekend

Congratulations on your new purchase. Our office is closed weekends, but we are happy to set up the vehicle for you in advance. If you decide to purchase on the weekend you may reach out to your carrier directly for immediate service.

Our Agency at a Glance

Interested in learning more about Gallagher Private Client, our Coverage Assessment Process, and more? We provide comprehensive insurance coverage and personalized customer service for a select clientele of high-net-worth individuals and families.

NY State Photo Inspection (Auto)

If you are switching insurance companies the state of New York requires a photo inspection done on your vehicle. Click the link below to find the nearest location to have this inspection completed.

Coverage Assessment Process

Gallagher Private Client employs our unique Coverage Assessment Process to be certain that your coverages reflect your individual needs. This simple outline of our Coverage Assessment Process will help to explain how we are different from other agencies… and how we will work to earn your trust.