Office Directory

Alex Reinman Assistant Vice President ext. 204 email vcard
Brian Cox Private Client Advisor ext. 314 email vcard
Carly Master Underwriting Specialist ext. 305 email vcard
Casey Klein Office Manager/Receptionist ext. 215 email vcard
Dan Fusco Underwriting Specialist ext. 220 email vcard
David Carlucci Private Client Account Manager ext. 208 email vcard
Dawn Ashby Account Manager ext. 217 email vcard
Eileen Ames Personal and Executive Assistant ext. 251 email vcard
Grace Scanlon Assistant Account Manager ext. 219 email vcard
Greg Williams Chief Underwriting Officer ext. 216 email vcard
Jeff Cox President ext. 218 email vcard
Katie Williams Assistant Account Manager ext. 253 email vcard
Kimberly Gallant-Coyne Account Manager ext. 252 email vcard
Linda Fensore Account Manager ext. 214 email vcard
Lloyd Cox Vice President ext. 211 email vcard
Mark Mischenko Chief Operating Officer ext. 212 email vcard
Miriam Kasseris Private Client Account Manager ext. 210 email vcard
Nick Philip Private Client Advisor ext. 313 email vcard
Patti Scheppy Claims Manager ext. 209 email vcard
Priscilla Nannariello Assistant Private Client Account Manager ext. 304 email vcard
Robert Capone Assistant Private Client Account Manager ext. 207 email vcard

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